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FILMS FOR THOUGHT screened the documentary film ‘SECRET CITY‘ recently at the CASA and the audience was very impressed, in fact all eight members of the audience broke out into a volley of  spontaneous applause as the film closed and the credits began to roll.

The film went into some detail regarding the history of the City and we learned that its founding actually predates Parliament. In fact the first written reference to Londinium is found in the Magna Carta some 1000 years or so after the Romans ran up against that great big wall that still exists, built to protect it from roving bands of bandits.   That turned out to be a useful advantage because the Loniniumers gained special rights from the Romans and it was the Roman’s who first granted Londinium’s array of  privileges in regard to legislation that passes through our Parliament.

The city was able to trade with the world via the Thames which of course leads out to sea and to distant lands beyond so it became a successful trading port and this was an important reason why its long list of craft based institutions flourished.

Over centuries past webs of trade routes opened up to the distant lands of Africa and India. The interchange of goods and ideas enriched the life of the city and most of all, its trading fraternities.

It’s a fact that the oldest Lodge in England is located within the square mile, founded in 1717. The City has such a rich and varied history waiting to be discovered among the many tales of deeds from the past.

It is a notable aspect of the film that there are references to London’s masonic history in ‘Secret’ City, such as that section of the film which describes how any candidate who wishes to stand for election as an Alderman for one of the cities boroughs, must first be nominated as a ‘Freeman.’

The City of London exists as a ‘special’ zone of interest. Citizens of the city claim special privileges. It is the home of national and international businesses interests where the gilded maintain their own form of control over that golden square mile.

Banks, Insurance houses and Corporations of numerous varieties all operate there and have a powerful presence in the city. It is home to the London Stock Exchange, historically connected to the Rothschild’s, the JP Morgans and the Goldman Sachs. When Thatcher and Chancellor Lawson oversaw the ‘Big Bang‘ that sparked those dizzy days of deregulation, many American financiers are said to have moved to the city en mass. This was what Mr Salter was referring to when he reffed the fact that the city of London and it’s special financial transactions had a part to play in the recent Big Crash!